Musique Lounge
Galactic Lounge

  Galactic Lounge Lounge, chill, ambient – whether it has a subtle hint of interstellar silkiness, or full blown sci-fi smoothness.  

The Producers Lounge

The Producers Lounge Send anything here and discuss what you’ve done. Hopefully everyone will comment on your own gear!!! All genres of music are considered in this group, so if you feel the need to drop a track in, be prepared to comment on other peoples. Us producers are hard working folk (sometimes), and a […]

Bing Lounge

Bing Lounge More About The Bing Lounge FB: Twitter: Tumblr: YouTube:


Lounge Music with improvised live instruments_SAX,AKAI EWI,TRUMPET.

Soul Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Soul Lounge Late night soul or jazz – anything cool & laid back with that late night feel

Logic Cafe’s Music Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Logic Cafe’s Music Lounge

Q-Lounge.FM – DJ MIXES

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Q-Lounge.FM – DJ MIXES DubTechno – Deephouse – Downbeat – Chill Out & Ambient only! Please remember: less vocals & more music !!! This group is related to the WebAudioStream (24/7) on www.Q-Lounge.FM , initiated by « Aksutique » in 2009 music for relaxing times, chilling and lounging at home

The Acid Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] The Acid Lounge A friendly place for producers of downtempo, trip hop, nu jazz, ambient dub, chillout, illbient, acid jazz, lounge

The Mushroom Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] The Mushroom Lounge


[touchcarousel id=’18’] Child-Lounge

Producers Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Producers Lounge Join in on production techniques from arrangement and sound design to mixing and everything in between

Instrumentals Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Instrumentals Lounge

Video Game Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Video Game Lounge For interactive audio professionals and aspiring composers, the Video Game Lounge features a broad range of music inspired by, or composed for, interactive media.

Mushroom Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Mushroom Lounge On the tip of beats and music that has a wide variety of sounds, downtempo, mid-tempo, Swing, Balkan, soul, just anything that is not completely repetitive all the way through. We like all sorts of music on our label Mushroom Lounge Recordings, and are releasing everything from electro-pop, global beats, dub,Balkan […]

Lounge Masters IMM

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Lounge Masters IMM GENRES ALLOWED: Classic Lounge – Chill – Chillout – Downtempo Classic Jazz – Modern Jazz – NuJazz – Acid Jazz Ambient – Electronic Ambient BreakBeat – Funky

Latin Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Latin Lounge

Lounge Arama

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Lounge Arama From obscure Lo-fi, 60’s & 70’s soundtracks to Old School Trip Hop, Nu Jazz, Soul, Funk & Downbeat Lounge, we’re here to cover all your lounging needs.. so come on in and take a load off your feet!

abstract lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] abstract lounge

Lounge Reggae

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Lounge Reggae

Midnight Lounge

[touchcarousel id=’18’] Midnight Lounge


[touchcarousel id=’18’] ambient/lounge

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