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Mr Black is the product of the early 90’s rave
scene. Evolving with the times but never growing out of the electricity that upbeat dance music brings he moved through EDM genres and has a musical history flowing through Hardcore, Breaks, New Energy, Hard-House, Psy-Trance, Techno and
Progressive House. A tendency to steer away from the main stream elements of dance music, pouring over promos or the unknown artists is where he likes to find the gems of tomorrow.

As for “playing out” Mr Black can be found in
two worlds. The club circuit in London playing at gigs for Lowbit Records, Bedrock and his own founded Habitual and Habitual North club nights. The other side of the fence is equally appealing to him as he loves to play for the more adventurous dance music enthusiast found at London’s warehouse scene and on the festival circuit around the UK such as Glade, Waveform and Tribe of Frog.

Not boasting any strange, creamy,
mythological or out of body musical prowess Mr Black is down to earth in his approach to dance music « If it doesn’t make you want to dance hard with a smile on your face it’s probably not for me » this ethos and his energy is transferred to his sets where-ever he plays.

Building a smart portfolio of contacts he has set his sights high for the 2013 campaign. With his first musical production soon to be
launched, partnered with the ubiquitous Brisbanite Verve, he will be taking his Habitual night on tour and opening its
staple diet of Prog-House to the Psy-Trance scene. As well as recently becoming a resident of Liquid Records (London), Mr Black is poised to be a Station Manager in the UK.

If you’re interested in coming to DJ at Habitual or Habitual North please get in contact via, SoundCloud or Facebook. You will need to supply a one hour set of progressive house music and you will need to give an introduction message covering who you are and what you do.
If you have promotional music that you would like played on air or passed to our collection of DJ’s please send them to
(due to time restraints there will be no responses to tracks that do not got aired)

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DJ Dates:


Jan 26th Hakuna Matata (Psy Trance Set)
Feb 1st Habitual Brighton
Feb 9th Digital
March 9th Digital
March 15th Toadstool (Psy Tance Set)
April 27-28th Omniscience Beltane Party
May 3rd Habitual Tour Leeds
May 18th Digital the Journey
May 25th-27th Wedgestock Festival
Jul 7th Blind Tiger Brighton
Jul 12th Shifty Disko
Aug 31st Elixir of Life Through the Looking Glass
Sep 11th Help for Heroes Charity Boat Party
Sep 20-22nd Habitual Tour Summer Party
Nov 2nd Zombie Stomp
Nov 22nd Slackbaba Album Launch Liquid Records


May 4th Infinite Progressions
May 5th Secret Warehouse Party 3
May 27th Private Function
Jun 2nd Wedgestock Festival
Jun 11th-14th Glade Festival
Jun 29th-30th Cosmic Vibrations
Jul 21st Habitual Digital
Jul 27th Olympics Roof Top Launch Party
Aug 3rd Lowbit Records Fluid
Aug 31st-Sep 2nd Waveform Festival
Oct 6th Bedrock Birthday Party
Oct 13th Terminal London
Oct 25th Elixir of Life Visionary Arts Expo
Oct 27th Tribe of Frog Halloween Party (Bristol)
Nov 1st Loop at Sullivan Room (New York)
Nov 9th Private Function at InSpiral Lounge
Nov 24th Astral Circus AP (Psy Trance Set)
Nov 24th Underbeat PI (Psy Trance set)
Nov 30th Habitual North
Dec 31st Elixir of Life (NYE Party)

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