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Comme ma page Dj: Mes mixes sont tous fait à la première tentative. Je ne vois pas de plaisir dans la planification un ensemble jusqu’aux dents, et ne pas avoir de plaisir avec eux .. je fais les choses comme elles devraient être 🙂

Youtube channel:

I dont Always upload my new mixes to Soundcloud [because i run out of space :- ( ] so like my facebook AND youtube to see VIP mixes(320kb/s) with audio and video!
(Dubstep. DnB, Grime. dark)


My name is Kyle Lacoste.(yes i am a guy)
From Northern Alberta , The Fort McDirty.
i love to play anywhere, any crowd, you just let me know when/how. radio, online, i have audio and video. just drop me a line!


 » I Never really thought i would get into dj’ing ever. But my buddy Phantasma (Formerly known as Elliot Mars) said if i bought a mac book he would take me under his wing to produce. Bought the mac book and never had time to go back to edmonton to collab or chill. so i
Never really ended up producing but i got into Djing in the mean time »

People ive played with:

-Dj Captain Crunch,Dirty Old Troll, Sheset steez, Drama Diabolos, Dj Essential,

-More to come hopfuly!


1m 4 b1g n3rd.
I play:
Diablo 3
Starcraft 2
all Cod’s + halo’s

feel like playing me?
xbox live gamer tag: xXtheGunSh0wXx
(its sh-ZERO-w)

Starcraft: Kimbo#870

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