Kavinsky – Roadgame
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Kavinsky - Roadgame

Kavinsky – Roadgame

Kavinsky – Roadgame

Musicien de la scène électronique parisienne des années 2000, Kavinsky s’est rapidement fait remarquer grâce à ses sonorités analogiques très typées 80’s avec Testarossa Autodrive pour point d’orgue

Paroles Kavinsky – Roadgame
Lying in a city night
A million fingers tingling my skin
Out there in the sea tonight
I thought I saw you clutching your sin
You rolled me over long ago
And told me you were strong enough to go
You needed more than this lover’s dream
You need the steel and the concrete beams in your life
In your life

We laughed and drank in the jukebox light
And we tore the rug in that downtown dive
Every Saturday night For fifty cents we’d dance all night long
And each new tune we said that’s our song
Oh it felt so right
Well ecstasy ain’t free
But compromise is chance
I remember how
You used to love to dance

They told me you have found your love
You moved in locked up and put out your blues
Well all God’s children got to grow up
And play house make vows to hang up their shoes
Do you sit and talk over coffee cups
Do headline mornings satisfy and fill you up
I kept your eyes and your cigarette kiss
You couldn’t keep the lies the adrenalin bliss in your life
In your life


I’m gonna go out tonight
I’m gonna drive up to the hill
I’m gonna dive on into those city lights
And I’m gonna dance, dance
Dance till I get my fill


Roadgame » is an unreleased track of Kavinsky, only available in the ‘Drive’ DVD/blu-ray French edition :http://wildside.fr/video/fiche,drive,…

Taken from Kavinsky’s forthcoming album.
Buy Kavinsky’s releases (Nightcall, 1986, & Teddy Boy – vinyl/digital) here : http://kavinsky.bandcamp.com


http://twitter.com/recordmakers (moins d’infos)

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