Musique Minimal

[touchcarousel id=’12’] [fap_track id= »8092″] [nggallery id=13] La musique minimaliste se caractérise par la répétition des motifs rythmiques et mélodiques, sans mélodie définie. Il utilise souvent des motifs et des figures répétées à court. Définition de Minimal Music Semblable à l’art minimal, la réduction de la musique avec des tendances minimalistes se réfère à la matière […]

Spooky Minimal

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Spooky Minimal & Terror Techno Group is to share your spooky or terror tracks, those tracks that are great for the horror movies, terrorific video games or to special ambient. We Love the Spooky sounds and the Terror ambient, so the Minimal and Techno underground in this style is very welcome Spooky Minimal


[touchcarousel id=’12’] Code Minus DARK MINIMAL TECHNO Code Minus DARK MINIMAL TECHNO group is for the best dark , deep , minimal and techno tunes! Fell free to share your tracks in our group, we will listening every week our Code – (Code Minus) group, and if we find some tunes that fit our label […]

techno minimal kids

[touchcarousel id=’12’] techno minimal kids

Minimal Experimental

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Experimental New experiences, sounds from another world, dementia perfect environment – relaxation. Surround sound experimentation of unusual and unique lines. Minimal Experimental

Minimal Techno sets

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Techno sets

Minimal Techno

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Techno

Minimal Electro

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Electro

Minimal Nation

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Nation sounbcloud group

Minimal Mind Freaks

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Mind Freaks Minimal Mind Freaks First I think what we need is dirty or dark electro,minimal-techno on an strange basement!

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Habite Records wants to make you listen to the best music uploaded in its group

Minimal Bass/Future Bass

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Bass/Future Bass/808 Bass group specialising in Minimal/Future/808 Bass Music and the other similar genres. eg. Future Garage/Post Dubstep. Share your tracks here for publicity and comments. Also, will keep a look out for some decent music and producers for possible releases. No new generation/mid range/squealing « Dubstep » Minimal Bass/Future Bass

Twisted Traxxx

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Twisted Traxxx The Best Minimal/Techno/Tech House tracks with a twisted feel, possibly for free download! Twisted Traxxx

Minimal Electro Vibration

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Electro Vibration Tout le meilleur de la musique electro par Electro Vibration Minimal Only by Electro Sound Vibration The best Selection of Minimal Music

Maximal Minimal

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Maximal Minimal 4 everyone how do love music ! cause music is and will be there for everyone ! Music will help you straight in tha good and bad times. Founder of this group Maximal Minimal

Creative Commons

[touchcarousel id=’12’] welcome to the meeting point for your CC-licenced music! wanted: 1. tracks if it is not your work, put something in the description, so users can verify the licence themselves. 2. dj sets / mixes you have to supply a tracklist (you are aware those things you use have to be CC or […]

Dark Minimal Techno HQ

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Welcome to Dark Minimal Techno HQ! Hope you’ll enjoy our new group! If you like to share your sound with us please read info in advance! Dark Minimal Techno HQ group is strictly moderated for quality inputs! Before sending your tracks/mixes, please read this first! – make sure that your music fits to […]

Minimal Drum and Bass

[touchcarousel id=’12’] All things minimal in Drum & Bass, post up tracks or mixes Join our Facebook page MINIMAL DRUM AND BASS here: Minimal Drum and Bass

Techno Minimal France

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Techno Minimal France Groupe pour compositeurs de musique techno/minimal Techno Minimal France

Dark Minimal Techno 1

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Dark Minimal Techno 1

Minimal penitents

[touchcarousel id=’12’] minimal penitents minimal-techno & minimal-house Dj’s collective Some Dj’s that love the minimal in the condal-city (Barcelona) We love work at the Barcelona’s beach and we play the minimal music since 13:00 to 02:00 of the night, in spring and in the summer. We are crazy boys and girls, and you can see […]

Minimal Synth

[touchcarousel id=’12’] Minimal Synth nothing more than minimal synth…this is not for minimal house, techno, electronica etc. Minimal Synth is a form of Minimal Wave in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument. This group is strictly for the love of minimal synth/ minimal wave genre. If there is a track that doesn’t fit, […]

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